Analyze Electrooculography (EOG)

Analyze Electrooculography (EOG)#

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This example shows how to use NeuroKit to analyze EOG data.

# Load NeuroKit and other useful packages
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import neurokit2 as nk

Explore the EOG signal#

Let’s load the example dataset corresponding to a vertical EOG signal.

eog_signal ='eog_100hz.csv')


Let’s zoom in to some areas where clear blinks are present.


Clean the signal#

We can now filter the signal to remove some noise and trends.

eog_cleaned = nk.eog_clean(eog_signal, sampling_rate=100, method='neurokit')

Let’s visualize the same chunk and compare the clean version with the original signal.

nk.signal_plot([eog_signal[100:1700], eog_cleaned[100:1700]], 
               labels=["Raw Signal", "Cleaned Signal"])